Accuerda Abogados was set up with the aim of changing the currently accepted connotations of this profession. Our priority objective is to avoid disputes or legal problems by coming to agreements designed to solve our customers' difficulties. To ensure this can be accomplished we rely on our characteristic good predisposition, which sets us apart from the rest, as we set out to recover the meaning of advocatus as "someone who is called on to help" by giving advice and defending other people's legal interests.

We have highly qualified professionals who will be quite capable of handling your requirements with a unique personal approach, and who combine effort, enthusiasm and hard work.

Accuerda Abogados, as a legal boutique, has specialists best suited for each particular kind of professional service requested.

Apart from the traditional facet of our work we could not stand aloof from our own times, and have been pioneers in the Valencian Region in setting up a specific work group forming Accuerda verde, a team handling the speciality of Environmental Law.

Environmental Lawyers Spain